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Being Gay in Iraq

There is an episode on CNN right now about being gay in Iraq. This man claims that he cannot come out to his family or any of his friends, because if he does so there would be severe consequences. He said he would rather commit suicide than come out of the closet.

My opinion – this is disturbing. I have family members who are gay, and it really upsets me when people act this way toward gay people. A lot of gay people I know are some of the nicest people I have met. The Bible may say that marriage is between a man and a woman, but the Bible says a lot of other things, too, such as “do not lie” and “honor your mother and father.” I guarantee that those who are against gay marriages HAVE lied, and HAVE NOT always honored their mother and father to the best of their ability. I don’t understand why people make such a big deal out of it.

I mean, we DO live in a free country last time I checked. At one point in history, a majority of our country’s citizens discriminated against the African race due to their skin color. Now, we are discriminating people for their orientation. That is pathetic!

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Ralph Nader’s “too white” comment toward Obama

Although Barack Obama is currently not my candidate of choice, I do not agree with Ralph Nader’s comment. I honestly do not understand the point Nader was trying to come across when he made this statement. Our country is trying to get past racism, not promote it. When you make a statement like this on public television, it only causes more problems. I feel like Nader has no hope in winning any election (not that he ever has, anyway) after this. He is crazy!

I was watching a debate about this on CNN last night. One black man was making statements such as “blah, blah” are black issues, “blah blah” is a black issue. I must say that I STRONGLY oppose everything he was saying. Why would you say something is a BLACK issue? I thought segregation in the U.S. was over! The issues he was discussing weren’t only “black” issues, but I feel that they deal with whites, hispanics, and all other races! We need to quit labeling each other. We are all equal.

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Rock the Vote

I was watching an episode on CNN last night about Rock the Vote. I am so thankful that young people of America are starting to have a voice. I feel like this election is going to be extremely vital to our future, due to some of the issues currently taking place (gas prices, global warming, etc.) I strongly agree with Christina Aguilera when she made the statement that young people probably feel like they aren’t important, and their opinions do not matter. I can relate to this situation.

I started attending my town council meetings several months ago, hoping to make a change. I would post signs around the town, trying to influence people to go to these meetings. Our town has no recreational activities, which causes our children to grow up in a not-so-good environment. We have so many teens on drugs, it’s ridiculous. When I ride my bus home from high school, there are elementary school kids talking with horrible language. When you go to the parks, there is grafitti all over the swings, slides, etc. I’m not talking about ordinary graffiti – I’m talking the “F” word written every where, pictures of body parts, etc.

A lawyer that attended these council meetings shook my hand after one meeting. He said that he was proud that I was so young and had the guts to speak in front of so many people. After attending several meetings, I eventually stopped going due to no one taking my opinions seriously. However, Christina Aguilera has inspired me to start going back. Thank you, Christina!

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